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July 24, 2015. Fireweed and Sunshine, by Debbie Clarke Moderow

25.07.2015 in Uncategorized

It’s midsummer in Denali—a season of abundance. Sunlight bathes our Denali Park kennel for extended hours; even in the middle of the night we never experience complete darkness. Everything living thrives in the sunshine. My greenhouse is bursting with kale, chard, pak choy, snap peas,…

June 5, 2015. My Own Backyard, by Debbie Clarke Moderow

05.06.2015 in Dog Journeys

Denali Park. June 1, 2015.   When June comes to Denali Park, there are usually signs of winter everywhere. Southern facing slopes on the mountains may be turning green, but the north flanks of our valleys are often laden with snow. Walking our dogs in…

May 22, 2015. Starting Line, by Debbie Clarke Moderow

08.05.2015 in Dog Journeys

5…4…3…2…1…go! With those six simple words, my tail-wagging friends and I launch onto the dogsledding trail.  The proclamation “go!” means that miles of preparation  are complete. The countdown signifies the sweet release from anticipation’s hold. The instant my dog team and I take off, my…